Horse Training: What’s Holding You Back?

Horse Training Tips

   What’s Holding You Back?

 Horse Training TipsI got a few folks a little mad at me a while
back after they read my horse tip titled:

“It’s Time To Take Control and LEAD”

And a few unsubscribed from my email list
because they didn’t want to hear some truth
and what I would call “tough love”.

I just hope they see the light
before they and/or their horses get hurt.

Hear My Heart:

My heart is for you and your horse to enjoy
each other.  But when folks are heading
down the wrong trail or don’t have a true
sense of reality, then I need to speak up
and tell it like it is.  I don’t apologize for
speaking truth and hope you feel the same.

There are lots of folks out there that won’t
do that because they’re too concerned about
what people think of them and then they
won’t buy their products.

Truth Prevails:

I got news for these guys – they wouldn’t
anyway.  I won’t hide behind a false facade
just to make you feel good and then carry
the responsibility for you getting hurt
or not living up to your responsibility
as a horse owner and ultimately enjoying
your horses!  I gotta be able sleep at night!

Today’s tip is a little different.

I titled it “What’s Holding You Back?” because
I hear from folks all the time saying they
are frustrated, confused, emotionally hurt,
physically hurt or injured and a lot more.

After I read dozens of letters and talk
to lots of folks describing all kinds of
problems they are having with their horses,
I can get a pretty clear picture of what
issues folks have.  I see patterns and
and can quickly size up situations.

Don’t get me wrong.  Any experienced horse
trainer would tell you that there are some
horses that are more challenging than
others to train.

And some horses get it better than others.

However, what is frequently not considered or
even talked about by many, is the fact that
many horses have had BAD (wrong) training or
have been mishandled a lot.

Understand This:

MANY horses have been allowed to exhibit
bad habits, disrespect and other ills, only
worsening the situation.  The horse doesn’t
care – they will do what’s easiest for them
when there is a void of corrective action.

Please read that last paragraph
again and let it soak in.

Horses will take the path of least resistance
when where is no corrective action.  They don’t
care about how you feel if they have other
things in mind (food, water, safety, fleeing
pressure, etc.).  If they don’t respect
your space and your leadership they’ll
kick, bite, squeeze you in the stall,
step on you or worse.  Surprised?

Problem horses can be even worse since you
basically have to go all the way back to
the beginning like they’ve never been
trained before.  You have to undo all the
bad training and bad habits they already
have BEFORE you can go forward and succeed.

If you think a 1,000+ pound horse with
lightning-fast nerves and reactions cares
what you think when threatened or pressured
too much when it is his nature to flee, then
you need a dose of reality.  He’s not a
puppy dog.  He has a very strong desire
for self preservation and has the strength,
speed and a reaction time faster than you
can blink an eye.

For some of you, especially if you haven’t
been around horses much yet, you may not
even recognize that.

What Is Holding You Back?

So what is holding you back?  What type of
problems do you have and what will it
take to get you to the point where your
horse responds to your commands and cues and
ultimately respects your leadership?

It Starts With You, Pilgrim:

May I suggest it starts with you?  It’s not
the horse – it’s your handling and training
of the horse that needs attention.

If you don’t have a real clear understanding
of how a horse thinks, learns and responds
then you would do no better than to start

I am not suggesting at all that you don’t
have the DESIRE to do better.  And I know
everyone is is pulled by limited resources,
time, schedules, family, and more.

But we all have to come to the realization
that nothing will improve until we take
action to learn and apply proper training
techniques to horses that need correction.

It Starts With You Taking Action:

My goal is to help you learn and understand.
That’s why we exist as a company.

Somewhere beyond your desire, passion and interest
in your horses is your responsibility to do
what you need to do to train them properly,
teach good horse manners and learn how to
handle and ride safely.

Here’s a good start I would suggest.  And it’s
been proven by thousands that have come before
you – so you don’t have to second-guess whether
it’s effective or not:

1. Get the Jesse Beery Course in Horse Training.
It’s solid, effective horse training and
handling that’s been proven.  It’s just as
valid today as when it was written years ago.

We have the course available as printed books,
downloadable books, MP3 Audio Books, etc. to
match your budget and learning style.

2. Examine our professional training DVDs by
multiple, experienced (and wise) trainers.
I would suggest you look at Diana Quintana,
Sam Burrell, Brad Meyers, Paul Esh, and
Kenny Scott to start.  Then consider others
as you gain understanding and need more
specific help.

You can read about all our DVDs here:

3. If you want everything (including a lot more
books and audio books), all our DVDs (plus many
we don’t even sell yet), articles, etc. then
be sure to look at our online The Horse Library:

It’s THE most cost effective, feature-packed
online resource you can buy.  For the cost of
a single DVD per month, you can have access to
EVERYTHING on day one.  Duhhh….

OK?  So please don’t crucify the messenger.

Take action, get some understanding and then
work with your horses.  The knowledge you gain
today you will use the rest of your life, no matter
how many horses you own or handle.

Take care – please stay safe out there.



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