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Jesse Beery
Beery Horse Training

There’s a lot of history behind Jesse Beery, the man, the horse trainer and his works.

Rather than me explaining who he was and how he became famous for his effective training methods, please watch this special show that Rick Lamb filmed on Jesse Beery.

There have been a few people who have talked down about Jesse Beery’s training methods.  Mostly by those who haven’t studied them or haven’t used them.  In reality, Beery’s methods are sound, have been developed over years of experience and use by hundreds of thousands around the world.

Truth be know, a high percentage of the leading, successful horse trainers in the last 100 years started with Beery’s course and/or methods.  It is Beery’s foundational methods that have helped even occasional horse trainers and owners to train their horses.

But the real measure of any horse training is this:  is your horse safer to ride? Can you control your horse? Are you enjoying your horse and feel comfortable riding it?  Does your horse look to YOU when you get in dangerous situations?  Does you horse spook or rare at the slightest thing?  Do you trust your horse?

Without the proper training, any horse can become a very dangerous animal to ride or handle.  Why take a chance with your safety and health – especially when you KNOW you can maintain control with your horse if you take the time to train it properly?

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