Just Who Was Jesse Beery?

Just Who Was Jesse Beery, Anyway?

I have to catch myself sometime…

I talk about Prof. Beery all the time and
forget that many new folks here have never
heard of him or are aware of his history
and acclaimed abilities.

Let me briefly introduce him to you:

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Jesse Beery was an amazing MASTER at
fixing problem horses.  He actually
started as young boy working with horses
and studied them all the time.  Even as
a young man he started noticing how
certain horses had different dispositions
and started handling each type a little
differently.  He later developed a
classification system for these dispositions.

   Over the years he handled hundreds of
   horses and developed simple methods to
   handle almost any kind of problem.

Watch this video by Rick Lamb to get a
feel for who Jesse Beery was:

He traveled around the country fixing
the biggest problem horses in the community
he was visiting.  He did all this in front
of crowds and showed his methods.

You can imagine how word would get
around about this man and his
training knowledge and ability.

He also was very well known
as a colt starter.

He later developed his 8 volume course
and started selling it as a home-study
mail order course.  It sold by the

Prof Jesse Beery's Course

He then started the Beery School of Horsemanship
in Ohio and trained thousands
more that way as well.  He also later
developed courses on the saddle horse,
animal breeding, and even some dog
training at one point.

   At last count many years ago, there
   was a published number of over 300,000
   people who had successfully used Beery’s
   horse training course.

That number is staggering.

That would make Beery’s course the
most successful horse training course
in history!

The 8 volume
“Beery Illustrated Course in Horse Training”
has long been out of print but we secured
the reprint rights for it and spent
hundreds of dollars to have it professionally
converted (re-typed and scanned the original
illustrations) to a new book form.  We sell
it both as a printed book and as digital

[AND in MP3 audio book format as well!]

Know what?  Beery originally sold this
8 Volume course for about $34.00 back
in the early 1900’s!  That was A LOT of
money back then!

How much would that be today?  Hundreds.

You can now buy the new form of the book
as a spiral bound manual (with or without
the audio book version, too) for quite a bit
less than $100.00.

   You can read a lot more about
   Prof. Beery and his course here:


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Some folks suggest that training methods
developed over 100 years ago are “out of date”.
HA!  I just have to laugh.

Comments like this typically comes from
someone who doesn’t know horses very well
and hasn’t handled or trained them before.

You see – the truth is that horses haven’t
   changed.  Their ability to learn isn’t any
   different today than it was 100, 500, or
   5,000 years ago.

Anyway… I digress.

Here’s the bottom line:

Beery’s methods work just as well today
as they did then and he presents them in
an easy to use form.  Anyone who reads
   the books and diligently tries them on
   their horse will succeed.

But success isn’t without work.

Heck – few things are. Get the course,
read it, and apply the methods to fix your
main training problems.  See if it doesn’t
work for you.

Read the testimonials from just a few of
the folks that wrote in.  I have dozens more.
It will work for you, too.

If your horse is in need of some work,
   if he’s getting dangerous or has you
   fearful then now is the time to start
   fixing these problems. Here’s the link
   one more time…


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All the best with your horses…
work and ride ’em safely.


P.S. Rearing, biting, can’t pick up their feet,
bucking, kicking, won’t take a bridle, and on
and on it goes…all common problems with horses
that need fixing.

Prof. Jesse Beery covers all these,
and dozens of other bad behaviors,
with proven, successful methods.

Start today.  Learn the same methods
thousands of others have alredy
used and tested.  The sense of accomplishment
   and the confidence you’ll build in both
   you and your horse will be worth it all.


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