New DVD Release: 4-H Clinic

New DVD Release by Trainer Diana Quintana:
“4-H Clinic (And More)!”

Diana has been training and instructing for over 25 years now.  She’s a very well respected professional trainer and it’s clear she knows how to share that knowledge.  What a joy it is to watch an accomplished instructor and trainer teach riding basics in a 4-H Clinic.
Our other DVDs by Diana are real gems but there’s so much packed into this one that you’ll HAVE to play it 4 or 5 times just to get all the riding and training tips and methods she shows.

Here’s a quick list of just some of things you’ll learn by watching Diana:

  • Why you want your horses to have leg protection
  • How to ‘guide’ your horse
  • Great tips on reining
  • How to stay centered on your horse and why
  • How to do spins and turns the right way
  • How to do lead changes
  • How to teach your horse to stop NOW and finish properly
  • Why you have to train BOTH sides of your horse
  • What to look for in a horse you are looking to buy
  • A complete description and special video of the different gaits
  • How to use special methods to square your horse
  • How to properly lead your horse and do so safely
  • What halters she prefers to use when working with a horse and why
  • A special way to use a chin strap for more control
If that’s not enough – check out these:
  • How to properly do gait transitions
  • How and where to hold your hands and why
  • How to do a turn on the forehand
  • How to turn your horse to do 180 and 360 turns spot-on
  • How to do turns on the hindquarters
  • How NOT to tie your horse and why
  • First Aid?  You should have these things in your kit
  • Know what your horse’s vital signs are and how to get them
  • How to check for colic
Yeah, But Wait…there’s STILL  a LOT more!
  • How to use a fence to teach the side pass
  • Learn why horses should always give to pressure
  • How to use your horse’s kill button for safety
  • What ‘Collection’ is, why you want it and how to get it
  • How to train your horse to open gates and properly maneuver through them while mounted
  • Learn what two-tracking is and how to maneuver through obstacles
  • How to do great forehand turns
  • Even more tricks on doing a side pass
  • What to watch for when dragging logs, etc.
  • The proper way to maneuver through an obstacle course
  • Diana even shows the proper methods to cut cattle!
  • How to ride straight and keep your horse riding between the reins
Whew!  That’s a lot packed into a single DVD.
If you’re a new rider or need to start learning some of the advanced techniques that Diana shows on this DVD so well then I suggest you get it now.
Diana is an excellent instructor and really knows her stuff.  You’ll enjoy watching and listening to her work with her students.

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You won’t regret it!  You’ll find yourself going through this multiple times to keep picking up on the methods she uses.  It’s almost one and a half hours (1:27) of jam-packed content you’ll enjoy and learn from for a long, long time.