Jesse Beery School of Horsemanship – What Happened To It?

  Ever Wonder What Happened To The
“Prof. Jesse Beery School of Horsemanship”?

Jesse Beery Horse Training Course
You’ll be interested in finding out….

I mentioned in an earlier note about talking to Dean Beery.

Dean is the grandson of Prof. Jesse Beery.  Dean worked in the  Beery School of Horsemanship for years as a teen and used to make the Pulley Bridles.

(Now my two youngest, Laura and Ryan, make them)

Dean’s father and uncle bought the business back in the mid-1940’s a bit before Jesse passed in 1945.

In the ’70s, they sold the business to a banker who quickly decided he didn’t want to be in the horse training business that bad.

After that, it passed through 3 other owners and is currently owned by a man in the South.  I’ve talked to him at length and there’s a chance we’ll do some business together in the future.

In the meantime, we are continuing to grow our business.

You can search around the net and find others selling downloads of the Beery course.  But what do you get?  A download and no support.  No regular emails and useful training tips like we send out 3 – 5 times per week!  No complimentary products.  Just a download of a book to your computer.

Oh – by the way – some are just selling scanned images of the books – like you would do in a library on a copy machine.  They really don’t care about quality.

They’re sorta like “Wam-Bam, thankya’ Mam.  Next?”

We’re in this business to stay.  We have steadily grown our business and horse training offerings that include:

1. The Jesse Beery course in a printed, spiral-bound manual.
(we also offer this as a download and on a CD)

2. The full Beery course in an audio book version

3. The Beery Pulley Bridle

4. The Beery 4-Way training + riding bit

5. A beginner’s horseback riding book

6. Currently 21 DVD titles and more to come

7. An industry-first online horse training library at:

8. A book on how to find and purchase your horse

9. And other exciting products to come!

Please consider who you’re doing business with.  We strive to “earn” your business by providing useful, no-cost horse training tips, free downloads and various
helpful booklets and articles.

You see, we still believe in the old-time principles of providing good, helpful service, good products and quick responses to your questions.  We almost always ship products the same or next day.  We do whatever we can to offer fast, honest service and products.

I assure you, we aren’t perfect.  We make mistakes. But we own up to them and make it right as fast as we can when brought to our attention.  Try that with the other one-download wonders.

By the way – please do not be offended if we don’t answer your specific horse problem emails.  We get literally dozens of emails daily asking for help and there just isn’t enough time in the day to answer them all and run the business at the same time.

One more note – we’ll be updating The Horse Library again in the next few days.  We have more content to add.  You can bet that it will keep getting better and better – offering one of the best investments around.

Thanks for your business.  If you have any suggestions for products you’d like to see, please let us know.

You can read about and see the Jesse Beery course here:

And get the Beery Pulley Bridle here:

And get significant discounts on bundled products including all the above here (significant discounts):

Have a good day…please stay safe around your horses!

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