You’ll Find Success In The Little Things


You’ll Find Success in the Little Things!

Little Things Big Results

One of the best things you can do with your horse is to to…

            instill respect for you as the leader.

Without the basis of respect, any horse will run over you, crowd you, not stay focused on you and worse.

What Brad Meyers teaches is the many foundations of respect.  Each thing is simple but yet has lasting results.

Just as in so many areas of our lives, it’s the combination of the “Little Things” that have a huge impact on how things go.

In previous training articles and emails I have likened this to the statement “Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges”.

And so it is with horses and training.

If your horse doesn’t respect you, if you find they will not stay focused on you, if they bite you, step on you, crowd you and won’t lead properly, then I would urgently caution you to get in control quickly!  Getting hurt and continuing the frustration just isn’t any fun and will most likely land you with bruises, broken bones and worse.

Why would you choose to continue like that?

We filmed Brad Meyers and produced a video titled:

“How To Eliminate And Prevent Deadly
Horse Riding Accidents Using
The Power Of The Little Things!”

In Brad’s video, you will learn things like:

  • The Secret of Secrets Of How To Get A Horse To Soften When Giving!
  • 4-Point Pre-Ride Check You Can Do To Quickly And Easily Tell If He’s Mentally And Physically Ready To Ride! (You Can Even Do It In A Confined Space Like A Horse Trailer!)
  • Incredible Behavior-Modification Secret Changes Your Horse Right Before Your Eyes! (Spooky Horses Quit Spooking, Pushy Horses Stop Pushing, And More!)
  • Saddle Danger – How To Know If Your Horse Is Ignoring You And Putting You In Severe Danger! (And Exactly What To Do About It!)
  • How To Establish Leadership With Your Horse That No One Probably Ever Told Before! (Until Now!)
  • How Your Self-Talk Determines Your Horse’s Behaviors And Response! (If You Are Having Horse Problems This May Be Why!)


Many folks hit the wall in their training because not everything works the first time.  And some training methods simply don’t work with every horse due to mishandling in the past or their disposition.  So, you have to adjust.

Most professional trainers have a deep “bag of tricks” when it comes to handling and training horses.  Any of them that have been in the business for years will tell you that and explain that there isn’t just one way to get the desired result.  The “Key” is to understand how and why the horse is reacting to your commands and read them.  That is mostly acquired – and by watching professionals doing it and showing you.  Brad is a master at this.

Here’s more of what you’ll know:

  • Outrageous “Leading Your Horse Mistake” Horse Owners Make That Cause A Horse To Run Off, Run You Over, Get Spooked, Get Worried, Trailer Loading Troubles, And More! (The Solution Is Embarrassingly Simple!)
  • The Anatomy Of Horse Problems And How To Prevent Them!
  • The Absolute First Thing You Must Do After Mounting Your Horse! (And If He Moves His Feet, Do This Until He Stops!)
  • Hard To Catch Horse?  This May Be Why And You Will Laugh When You See How Easy It Is To Fix!
  • How Much It REALLY Matters If Your Horse Did Just What You Wanted Or Not! (Discover What Counts Most And Why It Matters!)
  • How To Get Your Horse To Want Stay With You While Closing Gates…Even When His Other Horse Buddies Are Leaving! (If You How Powerful The Herd Instinct Is To Your Horse – You Will See The Power Of This Secret To Counter It!)
  • This Thumb-Trick Teaches Your Horse To “Not Leave You” After You Remove The Halter!

And there’s a lot more you’ll learn.
In fact – Brad’s DVD is filled with training gems.

One thing I do when I watch training videos is take notes.  It helps me recall the things I am learning.  I suggest you do the same.  You’ll get so much more out of the videos you watch.

I took EIGHT PAGES of notes on Brad’s DVD.  It is a lot, but is also a testament to the amount of valuable training information he shares on this DVD.

Eight Pages of Video Notes:

How would you like to get a copy of my personal 8 pages of notes I captured while I watched Brad’s DVD?

I’ll tell you how below.  But let me give a flavor of the notes I took so you can see if they would be of value to you.

Here’s just one of the 8 pages that you’ll be getting:

Click HERE to view the PDF

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.41.29 PM

So – now you have an idea of the level of detail I provide in the notes.

Do you think these notes would be of value when you watch Brad’s video?  Most would think so…

It’s one thing to invest in a professional horse training video – it’s another thing to get the most from it.

So Here’s My Offer:

Click the link below and buy the Brad Meyers “Little Things” DVD.

When we see your order, we’ll send you the download link to all 8 pages of my notes.  You’ll get them to review PRIOR to watching the DVD.

Oh, BTW – these notes are in the same order as the video itself.  So, you can refer to the notes along with the video.  You can also stop the video and make additional notes at the same time.

Click the link below to invest in your DVD and to get the 8 pages of my notes from the video.

Brad Meyers “Little Things” DVD

OK?  You’ll thank me later.  There’s absolutely no reason why you should put up with a disrespectful horse!  It leads to frustration, danger or worse.

Take action now to get started on the right foot!

Brad Meyers “Little Things” DVD


All the best with your horses!  Please, just do it all safely.




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